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Water Loss Solutions are a specialist company at water pipe location and finding water leaks. We can find underground water pipes and drain pipes. We have invested in some of the best water pipe location equipment in the industry.  Every van is equipped with over £20,000 of Hi-tech equipment to help find water pipes, detect water leaks and find drain pipe defects.

We will typically use any combination of the following equipment.

  • Signal generators
  • Pipe Knockers
  • Tracer reels and sondes
  • Drainage cameras
Underground water pipe location

We have invested heavily in the latest utility tracking equipment to find underground water pipes

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How Do You Find an Underground Water Pipe?

Utility Tracing and Pipe Locating are methods used to accurately find underground water pipes such as mains water supply pipes, underground drain pipes,  electric cables and gas pipes.

It allows us to collect accurate data which aids us in many ways, such as:

  • Leak detection on an underground water pipe
  • Locating blockages within an underground drain pipe
  • Locating a hidden septic tank
  • Mapping of field drains
  • Ensure a site is clear of underground service before excavation

There are two different types of underground service pipes, either “conductive” metallic or “non conductive” plastic. At Water Loss Solutions we have invested in high-quality German pipe location equipment from Sewerin, allowing us to trace any type of underground services pipes.

Pipe Location Detector



A “signal generator” is connected to a conductive material such as copper pipe with a secondary cable earthed into the ground through an earthing spike.

Once this is connected the “signal generator” sends a pre-selected frequency signal through the line allowing us to track and find the underground pipe with the use of a “Signal Receiver”.

Our quality Sewerin equipment allows us to adjust our signals from 0.01 hz through 200 khz, this gives us the ability to track long distance underground pipes with high frequencies or short distance at low frequencies.

Being able to trace at low frequencies is an added benefit, with higher frequencies there is a chance of the signals jumping from the one service to another service line thereby risking a false track.

So being able to adjust to a low frequency you can trace a line where there are many services in close proximity.

Signal Generator


The combophone knocker or the “knocker” as we call it is very effective on all non conductive materials like Alkathene or MDPE water supply lines where little access is available.

The knocker is a battery powered unit which straps around the water pipe.

This works like a small piston driving out a metal shaft which knocks against the water pipe which in turn sends out a heartbeat like sound along the pipe.

With the use of our ground microphones we are able to listen for the heartbeat like sound and follow that sound along the presumed pipeline, this allows us to trace the line from point A to Point B with great accuracy.

Combophone Knocker


The glass fibre reel is a highly effective and accurate way of tracing a service line like non conductive mains water supply pipes, drainage or even service ducting from as small as 15mm.

If for example you wanted to trace a water supply pipe, you would remove a section of pipe or perhaps a stopcock and insert the reel into the line.

While one person continues to feed the reel into the line the other person, using the signal receiver unit, is able to track the reel by virtue of the sonde attached to the reel head.

This provides great accuracy in finding the path of the service and its depth.

Glass Fibre Reel


The CCTV Drain camera is a camera attached to a 70 meter fiber optic reel with a sonde at its head.

This serves a dual purpose within the drainage sector, we able to visually see what is going on below ground and at the same time trace the line of the service pipe.

This provides for great accuracy in locating the pipe defect, digging down and final repairs, all helping to reduce overall costs.

CCTV Drain Camera

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We are a specialist leak detection and water pipe location Company. We deal with a large variety of projects from leak detection through to drainage systems and system mapping, which is why 90% of our projects require us to know how to find underground water and drain pipes.

Not only does this help us to input the correct data into our leak detection equipment to pinpoint leaks, but it also allows us to to eliminate the pointless and aimless digging of expensive holes.in the ground.

This is particularly relevant on expensive coverings such as concrete, tar and monoblock.

With our high-tech equipment, expertise and knowledge we are able to reduce cost, time and inconvenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find my underground water pipe?

We use a range of equipment such as tracer reels, utility trackers and signal generators. All of which allows us to find underground water and drain pipes by the use of electrical signals

How do you find underground plastic PVC pipes

Plastic is not a good conductor of sound or electricity. This makes our job harder but not impossible, if the preferred options of signal generators and tracer reels isn’t working we can also go to the ‘Water Knocker’, this is a thumper which strikes the pipe and sends a shudder down the water in the pipe, which we can then detect

Can you find underground water and drain pipes under concrete?

Yes, the same principles apply regardless of the covering. We have found underground water and drain pipes over two metres down and under one metre of concrete in the past

Can you provide me with a sketch of my water and drain pipe positions?

Yes, we will provide a sketch of the locations of all pipes we locate. This will not be to scale but will be very beneficial for almost any purpose